March For Truth Protesters Demand Independent Russia Investigation

Thousands of protesters gathered around the country in a series of “March for Truth” rallies, on Saturday. Demonstrators were calling for a congressional independent commission to investigate connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

In full view of the White House, protesters demanded answers in the ongoing Russia probe. Chants of “Investigate Trump!” and “Resist, resist!” rang across the National Mall.

Some protesters even lined up together to spell out “Investigate Trump.”

“I want to know what the ties are to Russia,” said Atossa Shafaie, who joined protesters in the nation’s capital. “I want to know how Russia has infiltrated our government. I don’t think there’s a question that they have.”

Shafaie was among hundreds of fellow anti-Trump activists who argue that neither the Senate committee nor the special counsel can disassociate from politics sufficiently enough to uncover any potential collusion between the White House and Russia. That’s why they want an independent commission.

They were also demanding the president release his tax returns.

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