Bikes, Bands and Burnouts!

The Dirtbag Challenge is a low rent chopper build-off, featuring real world bikes for riding in the real world. More than that, at the heart of it is a need to do your own thing, to break away from the same old mainstream ideals.

Dirtbag is about doing things your own way – without anyone’s approval, without anyone’s permission. Build the bike you want, live the life you choose. If we can do it, so can you. Visit the site to learn more

I decided to see what this event was all about…
Driving to the location was an interesting adventure of its own as the event is located in a fairly sketchy part of Hunters Point in San Francisco. Upon arriving I had to walk a bit through a sea of motorcycles ranging from vintage Triumphs to newer Harley Davidsons. I kept waiting to see a Frankenstein bike made up from old scrap parts with beer cans welded to the frame. As we got closer the main event area I could hear a punk band playing and smell oil and burning rubber. And yes, there was plenty of smoke filling the air from the burnouts demonstrated and handled quite safely I might add by the owners of the beasts they had made by hand.

The crowd was eclectic and there was an underline feeling I got that we were all simply motorcycle enthusiast out to have a fun time. The gathering was well organized and had a few booths for tee-shirt, beer, and food.  I highly recommend attending the 2015 event if you want to hear some good punk music, see some cool bikes and smell some burning rubber.


Enough said!



Al salute to the burning rubber!








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