Artist: Denise Morencie, Downriver, Detroit

Painter, originally from Windsor, Ontario, Denise has lived in several states and other than her original home, New Orleans and Detroit are her adopted homes, along with several wonderful cities and beaches she has lived.  Denise started drawing at a very young age with a gift of beginner artists’ supplies when she was 7 or 8 years old. By high school, embraced by her art teachers after her mom passed away, she started really studying portraits and figures. The young entrepreneur she was, she sold copies of drawings to fellow students of Prince, Michael Jackson and Simon LeBon! Again in University of Windsor art studies she found and excellent figure drawing and a watercolor professors, who she believed worked outside of the typical curriculum of that time in the late 80’s.

In 1993 Denise moved to the Southern US from the Carolinas, Georgia, Arizona, Florida and Louisiana to spread her artistic wings. Then life and careers, other than art, got in the way of painting for many years; just doing some artwork when she could, mostly watercolor.  She always had the desire to be a full-time artist, told by some she couldn’t since art is just a hobby and encouraged fully by others. Tell her, she can’t and her determination to succeed skyrockets.

In 2012, Denise made the absolute decision to take charge of her life and created a painting (Throw Me Something Mister!) then the artwork flowed!  After 15 years in New Orleans, she moved to New Smyrna Beach, Florida, back to New Orleans and now back “home” to Downriver Detroit to be near family and finally delve into her art career and become a full-time working artist.

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