Artist: Colin Miller, San Francisco, CA

Colin is a Director, Designer, and Visual Effects Supervisor with extensive experience in the film industry and related visual design mediums over many diverse projects.

Colin began his career in film as an animator and have worked on many amazing projects with some of the best people and studios in the business from Pixar to Laika, Wildbrain, and Colossal pictures. Through the years I have gravitated towards CGI and visual effects work – often as a visual effects supervisor, though these projects have almost always had a strong connection to the real, the handmade, and analog processes.

Colin’s character, Surf Dog, spontaneously emerged while camping in the jungle at Grajagan in East Java. Surf Dog made many new friends there. Since there was no intention of continuity or even a story at the time, Surf Dog (the original) will need some new paintings and writing to become a cohesive book.

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