What’s next for the women’s movement?

Lena Dunham: keep on protesting

I think the activism and organization that’s happening now is showing protest matters, calling your representatives matters, becoming involved in community organizations matters, sending your donations every month matters. It has never mattered more to show up with your money, with your body, with your time and with your voice than it does right now. Lots of people had valid criticisms of the Women’s March, but it was the largest global protest we’ve seen and that’s because every single person made the choice to take time off work, to give of themselves, to give their bodies and fill space and show they wanted to say no. That scares people and even if right now we’re not seeing the result we want, the government has been warned. They understand they are not supported. They are fighting an uphill battle against women and allies of equality in all of its forms.

Nicola Sturgeon: great childcare is where it starts

It’s a source of frustration that, decades on from legislation that was supposed to pave the way for equality of the sexes, too many gaps remain. I have made equality a key feature of my government, with a gender-balanced cabinet, one of very few in the developed world.

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