Photographer sells others’ Instagram photos as art

“New Portraits” originally went up last year at the Gagosian Gallery, but it was the sale of the pieces this month that has had a negative development for the man who has been “rephotographing” for years, taking pictures of other photographs and altering them.

The issue has prompted a conversation about copyright and fair use, a debate that Prince has found himself in the center of before.

The Washington Post reports that in 2008, “French photographer Patrick Cariou sued Prince after he re-photographed Cariou’s images of Jamaica’s Rastafarian community. Although Cariou won at first, on appeal, the court ruled that Prince had not committed copyright infringement because his works were ‘transformative.’ ”

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Instagram model and makeup artist sues Richard Prince over copyright infringement
Part of the New Portraits series, the work at the centre of the case was shown—and sold—at Frieze New York last year

Richard Prince is in legal hot water yet again. The artist and his former dealer Gagosian Gallery have been sued by a California-based makeup artist and model over a work from his latest series. Ashley Salazar filed her lawsuit in June after she discovered that Prince had appropriated a mirror selfie decorated with cat memes from her Instagram account. The case is potentially made more complicated by the fact that Prince is no longer represented by Gagosian, his dealer of more than a decade.

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